REVIEW: Get A Bridal Glow With Skin Booster Treatment

I’ve been battling with dehydrated skin for a long time and no matter how much water I drink to keep my skin looking youthful and plump, I still find my skin dull, parched and lack lustre. My kind of ‘dehydrated’ skin belongs to the type where I am spotting a normal or matte complexion with small pores, and where dehydration simply results from external factors like harsh air-conditioning taking a toll on my skin. However, dehydrated skin is as common as normal skin is rare, and; we need to accept the reality that hydrated skin is skin that looks dewy, bouncy and youthful (mine is dull and looks dry or matte).

My face is coated with a numbing cream – an usual practice for just about all non-invasive aesthetic treatments – and you lie back to let it take effect for around 30 minutes. Then the doctor begins the treatment. The pain is bearable with a tad of pinching sensation area the eye and nose areas (most sensitive).

You might not notice much difference in the first few days. According to Dr Charlene Goh at SL Clinic, the skin is rejuvenated within the first few days after treatment. However, my skin appears a tad drier than usual. Dr Charlene urges that this condition is temporary as the skin has undergone some form of trauma as Skin Booster treatment (Read: Water Glow treatment) involves using multiple micro-injections of a hyaluronic acid filler (up to 2ml), so as to steep your skin in a thirst-quenching torrent of moisture. I was also encouraged to mask daily as this ritual works in tandem to draw water into the deepest layers of your skin. Meanwhile, I was prescribed the Calecim Multi-Action Cream to deeply moisturise my skin for an immediate and long-lasting plumping effect.

After a week, I felt my skin looked more dewy with some fine lines and wrinkles near my eyes almost disappearing. My pores are also blurred out. On the third week, my friends and colleagues were remarking on my skin looking “fresher”; so obviously something was making my skin look like I’d a restful sleep.

About a month later and I noticed the full-blown results: There is a softening in my crow’s feet and laugh lines, and my cheeks are less saggy and look more plumped. My skin also felt more springy. This is definitely one procedure I’ll be going back for.

The Skin Booster treatment is available from SL Clinic which is located at Westgate #04-22, 3 Gateway. For more information about prices and other procedures call +65 6358 0388,  or e-mail or check out

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