One Size Smaller Before Your Wedding, Too Good To Be True?

The Liposonix® treatment is now the go-to method for inch loss, where high-intensity ultrasound (HIFU) energy is used to target pockets of fat all over the body that are resistant even to rigorous exercise and diet. The crystallised fat cells are naturally removed by the body over eight to 12 weeks – which is when you’ll see results.

For brides-to-be looking to lose that stubborn pinch of fat or bra bulges, and even grooms-to-be that wish to get rid of their tummy or love handles, HIFU energy is able to penetrate through the skin layer and into the targeted fat tissues without harming the skin or surrounding tissues. Besides the permanent destruction of fat cells, it has an added advantage of skin tightening and body contouring. However, some patients might feel soreness in the treated areas for about a week after treatment, but can resume normal activities immediately after.

Consulting doctor Charlene Goh of SL Clinic takes the patient through a thorough consultation and “before” photographs of the treatment areas are taken. She will then mark out and determine where the ultrasound handpiece should go. With the assistance of a nurse to ensure that the applicator adheres firmly and suctions up the treated area, Dr Charlene Goh will then administer the device. Cold water is also sprayed over the treated areas to lower the temperature on the skin surface. The patient will feel a bearable warm, tingling sensation – this is absolute normal as the non-invasive procedure delivers high-intensity ultrasound energy deep into the skin with the aim of destroying fat cells, while firming and smoothing it by strengthening the collagen. The Liposonix® treatment takes around one hour, and some patients may find the process a bit uncomfortable as some areas like the flanks (read: love handles) are more sensitive when large amount of ultrasound are being delivered. This is where it gets a bit intense when the ultrasound hits the hip bone area near the sides of the flanks.

While non-invasive procedure like Liposonix® seems to promise results close to that of liposuction but without any of the risks, actual results from patients vary across the board. Some patients have reported a significant reduction on their waistlines of around one inch (2.5cm), which translates to one dress or pants size.

Liposonix® treatment is available from SL Clinic which is located at Westgate #04-22, 3 Gateway. For more information about prices and other procedures call +65 6358 0388,  or e-mail or check out



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