The Only Jeweller In Asia To Deliver Comprehensive Digital Diamond Reports!

Following its revamped flagship store at ION Orchard, leading bridal jeweller Love & Co. has partnered with Sarine Technologies to revolutionalise diamond shopping experience. Now, you can have peace of mind when selecting your desired gems and diamonds at Love & Co.; as they offer customers a comprehensive digital diamond report including light performance of the signature LVC Lovemark diamond.

With the introduction of the digital report, Love & Co. provides customers with instant access to a diamond’s information as well as to help them better understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond. This enhanced digital diamond experience helps customers analyse the diamond’s beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat), and is easily accessible through the Internet. The digital report contains pertinent information about the diamond – Light performance, Rose Hallmark,International Certification Number, Cut and Proportions, and provides close-up images and video of the diamond. You can view a sample of the LVC Lovemark Light Performance report here.

PUT A ROSE ON YOUR FINGERLove & Co.’s LVC Lovemark diamond collection marries style, romance and character. Every LVC Lovemark diamond bears a perfect ‘rose’ in the heart of every piece. Using highly advanced proprietary technology, the inscription is completely invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with a special viewer and in the digital diamond report.

Available at all Love & Co. showrooms. For more info, visit

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