Pre-wedding Shoots in South Korea: 5 Fabulous Photo Concepts You’ll Love

#1 On-the-go Casually Fun Dating Snaps

Think romantic and dramatic snaps against a rustic or an outdoor setting on the streets, Bukchon Hanok Village or at Han River, and simply injecting fun with eclectic venues and amusing poses. These fun-loving snaps are popular among couples as photographers capture memorable candid moments of their dating times.
Be inspired by these sweet and non-traditional portraits that bring couples from to streets of South Korea to sunny beaches.

#2 For An Informal Merry Affair

Pair an elaborate wedding gown and dapper suit in a quirky setting with lively prints and props, which adds classic charm to these fun-loving and jovial visuals.

Have a fun celebration with bubbly prints, blooms and props that give your wedding portraits a quirky vibe.

#3 Traditional Bridal Portraits

Celebrate both traditional culture and love in the studio! We are loving these formal bridal portraits that are timeless and spontaneous.Formal bridal portraits are regaining its popularity again! So, be inspired by these series of spontaneous studio shots.

#4 Dreamy & Timeless Elegance Wedding Portraits

Recreate your very own fantasy tale in this kind of dreamy setting. To achieve this kind of effect, natural light or one with side lighting creates a soft, etheral vibe that is super romantic.

Immortalise your romance in this dreamy setting.

#5 Floral Galore
Opt for a dramatic pre-wedding picture against a setting filled with flowers bursting with colours and whimsical details!
Take a leaf out of this series of wedding pictures and use these ideas to add pizzazz to your bridal portraits.

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