Goldheart Jewelry Makes Chic Si Dian Jin Sets For Modern Brides

 Traditionally given by the groom’s mother as a traditional wedding betrothal gift, si dian jin (loosely translated as four pieces of gold) was originally a custom of the Teochew clan from China, but is now a treasured part of Chinese wedding ceremonies in Singapore.

The si dian jin set consists of a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a ring, and the bride will don all the four-piece gold jewellery set, along with the kwa (the red Chinese wedding dress) during the tea ceremony. Many will think this gifting significance as an one-off affair and you might never wear again after your wedding day.

However, Goldheart Jewelry’s new 916 si dian jin is an extension from the Mode Gold 916 collection, and includes interpretations of the set which satisfy both traditional and modern tastes. The beautiful champagne-hues si dian jin pieces increase its wearability, even after the wedding day. No more gaudy gold jewellery and you’ll be proud to show off this love gift on your big day.

Goldheart Jewelry is one of the largest local jewellery chains in Singapore, with more than 20 jewellery boutiques located at all major shopping malls island wide and an eBoutique at

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